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Really annoying, i wake up early in the morning on weekdays for school to do BMs so i can feel better which i fairly feel okay, but after i eat breakfast i feel like needing another BM, lately i’ve tried to stop going to do a second BM after breakfast as this one always has liquid stool which hurts.
And at school for the whole day i have some presence of gas which is small in the morning and get really uncomfortable and large before and after lunch, this gas is usually stomach rumbles before lunch and painful gas after lunch, it’s really annoying as no matter how long i take in the bathroom before my next lesson after lunch to relieve the gas, the presence of gas is always there which gets worse when i’m sitting, i’ve had an embarrassing moment where gas ‘exploded’ and made a large sound in a quiet room which is the same for loud stomach noises, i don’t know what to do as peppermint capsules and tea don’t help either.
Because of this problem i smell so bad in the room and make noises all the time!!
I think i also have constipation as on weekdays, EVERY morning i have a BMof hard stool but on weekends i don’t have any, same with at school i can mostly only relieve a little gas even though it seems like a million inside of me
edit: whenever i sit down i can feel the gas, i’m not sure how to explain it but compared to when i have no gas at home, i feel nothing when i sit
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