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Constipation & Bloat relief

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Ive been constipated now for a few days, i really need to sort it out, im feeling very uncomfortable and bloated, my clothes are getting tight because of it, is there anything i can do to help it? Its always usually corrected its self but this last week its not.. I was diagnosed with a wheat intolerance a few weeks ago and only this week have i gone on a reduced wheat diet, previously i ate alot of bread, now ive got wheat free subsitutes (as suggested by consultant).. Its really getting me down and making me feel bloated and sluggish....
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Hi.I to suffer from constipation and will be interested to see what people suggest.I had a coeliac test which was negative. is that the same as a wheat intolerance test?My Consultant at Chorley Hospital - Dr Drake, had put me on Nortriptyline and spasmonal, which has helped the cramping, but I'm so bloated I am worried that something else is a miss.Fiona
Hi i have suffered with IBS c for several years been to all the doctors with no great results i used threelac with cascara sagrade and got good results. Im after doing an egg liver flush and i have noticed anazing results look it up on (cure zone)it makes sense if candida is the problem what is the underlieing problem it seem to be that i have a congested liver thus the bile glands can not secrete enough bile to make unfavourable conditions for the candida to live in. look up the liver galbladder have a major role in waste illimanation which i never really knew before.This is so simple i am amazed that regular doctors dont make the connection.hopes this helps if so please let me knowgod bless
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