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I have been suffering from mild IBS throughout most of my life. I am 29 years old.

Recently I had intense food poisoning. This included intense vomiting as well as diarrhea. It would be safe to say that my entire system was cleaned out. Once I began feeling better I began to eat again.

It's been about a week and a half and I have had extreme constipation. I live an active lifestyle. Have tried fiber, prune juice, and miralax. These efforts have resulted in very liquid diarrhea that contains no solid waste, or pencil thin strands and sometimes even small, thin, yet flat stools. All together, the amount of actual stool is very minimal . . . especially considering that I have eaten some large meals since recovering from my illness.

I have seen a doctor who did a general health examination including stomach taps, pressing on my stomach in different areas, and also a rectal exam. He believe that I may have a stool impaction.

He ordered me to take *half a prescription of Gavilyte-N. I am concerned about taking this because the warnings list not to take it when experiencing severe constipation.

Right now for example, when I take miralax I get an uncomfortable feeling like intense diarrhea but I feel like I can't let it out. It's as if it's stuck behind a blockage. It's a very uncomfortable sickening urgent feeling. My stomach feels bloated and uncomfortable. I'm worried that if I take Gavilyte that I may have a more severe yet similar experience.

Has anyone taken Gavilyte? Do you recommend that I take it? I would love to get everyone's feedback.

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