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I was just wondering how everyone else copes with the bloating and depression... I mean besides medication.. what are some strategies to cope with this emotional rollercoaster I seem to be on 24/7 ?I am depressed 24/7, don't go out anymore, can't find clothes that fit my stomach, can't eat virtually anything anymore.... errrr.. how do I deal with this hopeless feeling I always have?? Any suggestions would help.. thanks.Chickie
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hi chickie,i am struggling with it too... i am not an expert on coping as i am miserable most of the time... it's hard to go out when your clothes don't zip up, it's hard to move when you feel like your body is extended beyond its limits... but isolating makes it worse, i found... on the other hand, talking to people about this makes it bad too because they just say things like 'it'll pass' or 'you're exagerrating'... some things i do that helps sometimes: go to the thrift store and buy a pair of huge overalls that don't allow you to feel your tummy as much as tighter clothes - that way you're not buying a new wardrobe for the bloat but you also have something comfy to wear when it gets bad. get a cd that makes you relieve stress and take a fast walk to walk the stress away... exercise shop for shoes, books or gifts - anything other than clothes and here!see you around. good luck,cg.
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Ahh, I know how you feel. I have been dealing with this for soooo long. It started when my boys were very small. It took everything I had in me to take care of them. And that is all I did. People never understood. Made wise cracks about me being lazy etc. I was better for a while then My husband had a heart attack last year and by-pass surgery at 47. Now I am bad again. I pray about it alot. Confide in those who will listen. Ignore those who will not. Hang in there. Nobody really understands other than other people who have it.Twocups
Hey, thianks guys for listening and replying to my post.. i don't know how to write back to you guys coz i'm new here and haven't got the jist of everything yet. Its the copin that gets me.. sometimes I just feel sooo hopeless.. like I don't hae a life.. like there is no point in living this way.. its rotten.. no one understands.. ppl just think i never want to do anything but that's not true.. i sooooo do.. i just can't.. I hate when i'm bloated coz i hate feeling fat.. i have a real bad weight issue and it doesn't help matters much.. anyways, thanks again for the support.. i really appreciate itChickie
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