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Coral calcium or calcium caltrate. Which one ??

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I have a q:Which one such i use ??Are they the same ??I guess i need to drink one of them because i don't drink milk. I have magnesium oxide. How do i drink it in combination with the calcium ??Thanks
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If you are trying to control diarrhea then you do not want magnesium. Coral calcium is just a more expensive form or calcium and there is not need to spend that much for calcium. It also contains other things that may not be helpful if you get diarrhea .Linda
Thanks for responding Linda.Well i don't have D. And am not really constipated i have Bm's everyday but sometimes they feel incomplete.I'll go with the coral calc
I use calcium citrate, with magnesium and D. I tried the coral calcium and it totally messed my stomach up for a couple of weeks. I tend to think that the coral calcium probably works much like the calcium carbonate type calcium. I am a C type and I cannot tolerate calcium carbonate at all or the coral calcium. The coral calcium is much more expensive!
I just thought you might want to check out this article about Coral Calcium on Quackwatch. According to this article Coral Calcium is simply Calcium Carbonate made from ground up limestone left from dead coral. I would'nt spend the extra money to buy this pricey alternative to regular calcuim carbonate supplements.I still recall all the hoopla about calcium supplements made from oyster shells. I took these for years until they were found to contain lead. I'm lucky I didn't get lead poisoning.Hope this helps and Good Luck,Sue
Sue,Thanks for the link. I had my suspicions of the coral calcium when I got so sick from it. The girl at the health food obviously didn't know enough about it when she said it should be the same as I am taking now. I take the citrate, with mag and D. No way is it similar at all.You are lucky with the Oyster shell calcium..geez.
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