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could this be ibs?

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Im 21 yrs old and never have any GI problems until this year. Twice this year I had food poisoning symptoms d and vommiting, both times it took about a week for my stomach to settle and for my BM's to be regular. At the beginning of July I had sushi and within 2 hrs I had horrible D all night long. Ever since then my gut/belly button area has been hurting. First my doc took an x-ray and said i had a lot of stool in my gut and i was told to take lomitol for a week and a laxative for another week. I couldn't take the lomitol for more then a day because it made my pains worse, so I switched to the laxative which of course just gave me D. Next i went to the ER one night cause my stomach was hurting really bad and I had seen blood in my stool. They prescribed antibiotics "incase" I had a bug. While I was on those along with Bentyl I started to feel a little bit better. And even a week after i was feeling ok, but then back came the D. This whole month I haven't had a "formed" stool. So i went to see a GI specialist and he said it didn't sound like IBS cause usually people with IBS have more of a history of gut problems their whole regular doctor said it might be IBS though...The GI doc said he is going to do a upper endoscopy and a colonoscopy on Tuesday. I'm really nervous about both procedurs but I just want to know whats going on. My bloodwork always comes back clear, and I'm still waiting for my stool results. Does this sound like IBS? Or bad luck with food this year? My gut hurts all day and is definetly a lot worse the earlier part of the day, and then whenever I do have a BM the pain is bad I feel like I'm going to pass out...any tips or advie?
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hi Ickytummy, your symptoms could mean a variety of things: ibs, food poisoning, plain old stomache ache, ulcerative colitis, etc. You might have to wait for your results from the endoscopy and colonoscopy to determine if theres anyhting crazy going on in your stomache. do you have anything new going on in your life causing stress? do you know of certain foods giving you a stomache ache? you need to rule out a variety of things going on. if i were you, id wait till the endoscopy and colonoscopy results, and write down EVERYTHING going on with your eating habits, and how you feel afterwards. Ive had ibs for 15 years, but didnt know about it till 5 years ago. What ever questions you do have, ask the doctor. and surf on this ibs board and read the postings.
thanks...yea I figured it was a little husband recently deployed so that is new stress...but we've been apart before and I've had other times in my life where I felt more stressed but didn't have any symptoms. I also started writing everything down a few days ago...hopefully that will help...right now it seems like the only thing that helps is not eating at all! but i'm trying not to worry till after my tests....have you had them done before?
I have had bith thise test and more. Just keep in mind this very important thing... They give you Versaid and Dimeral (MEDS).. you wont remember the test and they didn't hurt me!!!! Sorry for my bad spelling.
So I had my procedures done yesterday. Before them I got my stool sample back and it was positive for C-Diff! And the pictures of my colon looks like I have measles all over....the doc said I also have gastritis in my stomach from trying to fight the bacteria. I guess C-Diff usually comes from a round of antibiotics, but I felt bad before I took my first round of i wonder if I've had this bacteria for awhile. Right now I'm on just Flagyl this time to kill the c-diff. My mom-in-law is a nurse and she said that people with c-diff usually can't control their D....and that is exactly how I feel! When I have to go I have to go! So after many misdiagnosis this month I finally have one...I just hope the bacteria hasn't caused to much damage. The colonoscopy and endoscopy went really good...I was out the whole time and I just remember waking up with my little juice box. I still have some D today but not to bad. Best advice I can give is to get a stool sample done the first time!
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