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Could this be the answer?

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I've been on this board before but I am taking the bull by the horns this time and not giving in until I get results!!

So I have had IBS-D for around 10 years, it's been hell....but it has waxed and waned from an everyday disturbance to an every other day disturbance. I have gone to doctors, specialists, acupuncturists, chinese herbalists, naturopaths, gastrologists etc. I have had tests for celiac intolerance, lactose intolerance, fructose intolerance and numerous blood and stool tests. They all led nowhere.

I looked at other possible causes like candida overgrowth from yeast or SIBO. Then I looked into supplements like magnesium, calcium to stabalise my bowels with little to no effect.

There is so much info out there it's hard to know where to start. Yes immodium works but who wants to shut down there bowels on a constant basis which in turn could lead to more complications and dependancy??

Basically what I have discovered after messing with my diet and endless research is that IBS stems down to our Gut bacteria and how healthy it is. Intolerances compromise it on a daily basis but also what compromised it in the first place may have been some bad bugs that took hold.

Most people with IBS have two main (triiggers may include gluten, milk, fructose, sugars, oils, fats etc) and stress.

When looking at diet it is really individual as no two bodies are the same. So one person might notice bloating from bread whilst another might get diarreah from certain fruits and vegetables.

I guess I have found that reducing crap food like chips and soda and sweets helped somewhat. Cutting out most Dairy has also been beneficial not because my test came out positive for lactose intolerence but because I know that something else in it doesn't agree with me.and I feel horrible after consuming it. Uncooked onions have also proved problematic as had vegetable oil which is in most proccessed foods.

After introducing more veggies and salds and salmon and lean meat into my diet I noticed much improvement but when stress came along, even the slightest apprehension was still causing flare ups still!! What??

So anti depressants you say??? Nope, tried them...has no effect on the brain-gut connection and if it does in some people they must be on a pretty high dossage but how is that a cure??

So if the Gut is our second brain and more nerves are in the gut then the brain itself it makes sense to treat the gut first and the brain function in turn will improve. This is where Probiotics come into it, these little wonders can re-establish good bacteria and inturn improve mood. However, finding the right probiotic can be tough, store bought capsules which are not refridgerated generally dont do the need to find the good ones, typically the more expensive variety from health food stores which need to be refridgerated. Natural ways to repopulate the gut with good bacteria can be achieved with certain super foods like Yoghurt (natural, unsweetened kind), Saukraut etc.

Vitamin D is also a mood stabiliser, so this with Omega 3 (sometimes in capsules together) can also heal the vegas nerve and stabalise mood.

So this is what I'm trying now. If you want to try it too then let me know how it goes. I'll leep you updated!!! :)
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