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I've had IBS since I was 13 yrs old. Its not pleasant but its there for good so I've got to deal. I was officially diagnosed almost a year ago and my bf was super supportive throughout all those nasty tests and even nastier trial meds. He took notes for me in classes that I had to miss and stayed up all night w/ me when the cramps were bad. Now I get to return the favour! Yes folks that's bf was diagnosed w/ IBS this week!
I know IBS is never a pleasant thing but I kinda laughed when I found out. Its not such a surprise tho since his aunt and Dad have it. His isn't as severe as mine however...grr..., he's pretty tolerant of most foods except for really spicy, really fatty foods such as McDonalds, or too many products w/ lactose. His biggest trigger is stress tho. He had to run out of his MCAT exam 3 times in two hours this past Sat. It probably took a while for him to be diagnosed 'cause since last Nov we haven't had greasy foods or lactose products 'cause of me!Ahh...don't most of us wish that our signifigant other could experience what we feel so they'd be more sympathic? I wonder how we're going to manage w/ a one bathroom apt and two IBSers? Hmm....
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