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Crohn's Disease, Colitis, or Anxiety?

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Whenever I get a flare up of my IBS, I tend to scare myself with thoughts that this has got to be something worse - i.e. Crohn's disease, Colitis, Cancer, etc. My doctor has ruled out Crohn's through blood work (he says anyone with Crohn's would have an elivated white blood cell count). He ruled out Colitis (I do not have bloody D - even had to leave stool samples to check!) I have not had any major testing done. This all started after a case of food poisoning. I had IBS attacks for about 5 months. Things got better, for awhile, but now its back again. I was just treated for Candida Overgrowth syndrome. Had yeast infections everywhere - guts, mouth, vagina. Got relief from a lot of pain, but still have some D and slight cramping almost constantly. Maybe I should be treated for hypochondriasis. Maybe I need some more testing to make myself feel better. Help! Any replies would be appreciated!
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Dear Em: Welcome to the best place for relieving your anxieties. At least it has helped me and many others.The only advice I can give you is to keep reading and stay in touch.It would probably ease your mind to insist on more testing and rule out the worst!Keep the faith and best wishes for some relief.I just received my Hypnotherapy Tapes and plan to start with them today. I also started a Gluten free diet On Tuesday...very difficult to do but I'm going to do it!!Wish me luck, too.Barbara------------------BJV/Female__(D)
Hi Em, and welcome to the Board. Barbara is right, this BB is the best and has helped so many of us. Keep reading and I'm sure you'll find a lot of good advice here. Not to mention the people are great! JeanG
The best way to relieve your anxiety is to see a good gastroenterologist. Crohn's Disease, ulcerative colitis and even cancer cannot be diagnosed by a blood test. A gastroenterologist would perform the necessary tests for you to get a diagnosis based on the best diagnosis tools a specialist has at his disposal. Don't settle for less. I, too, thought I was hypochondriacal. Not so. The tests sound worse than they are, really! The peace of mind...and better yet...and a proper diagnosis followed by the correct treatment, makes all the difference in the world! Good luck!
Hey Em, Its a normal thing for the mind to wander on negative thoughts. It has been demonstrated that the average person has 300 negative thoughts a day. If you feel lousy its only natural that you will think you have something terrible. IBS is a FUNCTIONAL disorder since it is arrived at when the MDs find nothing else. Chrohn's disease can indeed be diagnosed with a blood test since there is an elevated white blood count due to an infection. My friend was diagnosed this way and its the most common way of diagnosing it. If you are being treated for yeast overgrowth, you should be replacing the good bacteria in your intestinal tract that the meds are wiping out. Go to the health food store and get a good brand of acidolphilis. I have had an overactive imagination about this condition. I felt that it has to be something bad since it doesnt go away. Diagnostic tests dont really solve the problem because in 6 months you'll get another attack and think that something MUST have developed in the past 6 months that they didnt pick up or something new developed. I got myself some therapy, and spoke at length to my family MD AND the GI doc. For YOUR peace of mind, if you had something as extreme as cancer or some serious disease, the chances of it going away at all are VERY SLIM! Those conditions exhibit a *continual* WORSENING of symptoms, NOT a come and go thing. HOpe I have been of some help. Jim
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