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crohns now sjogrens syndrome.

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I think these two are related, sounds like the canidida has travelled, and gone rampant, Painful eyes, mouth, very itchy arms, bad arthritis, any one else got any ideas????????
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Hi starwoman:Sorry, I don't have your answer, but I wanted to say I'm sorry for all you are going through. You might also want to post this question over on the Crohn's Forum where they will have more answers for you on Crohn's. People will answer here, too, but you may as well cover all your bases.
I hope you're feeling better soon.JeanG
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Starwoman,My husband's uncle has had Sjogren's for about 7-8 years now. Just this summer he had to have a large section of his bowel removed (supposedly due to diverticulitis) and then had to go back in a couple of months later to have more removed. He's healing well now, but has serious problems with the Sjogren's and arthritis. Can't help wondering if they're related. I've never heard of anyone else with Sjogren's. He had to travel to several hospitals around the country before Mayo Clinic finally diagnosed it. Anyway, just a thought . . . Good luck!
Starwoman - Sjogren's Syndrome has a national and also several international foundations. My mom was diagnosed several years ago. There are two basic types being primary which causes a dry mouth, eyes, etc. and secondary which can affect multiple internal organs. It is basically an autoimmune disease. Try searching under Sjogrens and you'll find several good sources. For a specialist, a rheumatologist is probably going to be your best source. Hope this helps. Good luck!
starwoman, I don't think one can make the connection between crohns and sjogrens syndrome as being candida - although I'd be interested in reading how this might be the case.They are both autoimmune disorders, and people with one autoimmune disorder do go on to develop others. Sorry to hear you have sjorgens syndrome now as well. It is a connective tissue disease, which is a type of autoimmune disease. Did you doctor suggested immune suppressant tablets or injections, such as methotrexate or depomedrone? You might like to look at this page, which is a search result from altavista, it lists a number of websites for Sjorgens Syndrome. One of them is called, for obvious reasons!! Take care,susan[This message has been edited by wanderingstar (edited 11-18-2000).]
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