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Hi all....I am new to this board and have been diagnosed by primary doc last month with IBS. What is unusual about my situation is that I can have normal days...Thurs through Monday to be exact and Tues and Wed are bad days. What's up with that? Today I went 4 times before I even went to work. Perhaps it was the anxiety of the CT scan or what I ate over the weekend...but can the things I ate over the weekend still affect me by Tuesday?Went for the CT scan of my abdominal and pelvic area and had to drink the barium stuff 2 hours before hand..not to bad, but afterwards, I had bad gas and my lower abdominal area was going crazy! Has anyone experienced this before? And what can the CT Scan really show?I am also scheduled for a colonoscopy next month and am really scared about it. I know that they sedate you through an IV and I am really bad when it comes to needles and that the prep beforehand is a nightmare.Any help or encouragement would be greatly appreciated.afr963[This message has been edited by afr963 (edited 02-21-2001).]
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