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In reading Dr. D's free literature, he seems to proclaim that IBS is caused by anti-biotics, which is to me a great over simplification. I our modern world, I assume just about everyone at some point in their life (e.g., for an ear infection or something...) has taken anti-biotics, but to blame IBS on that? I don't buy it. So if his treatment is based on that faulty assumption of cause, I think I'd feel a bit cautious. What bothers me is just that we live in a world where there are so many people out there willing to make money off another person's illness. I am not claiming Dr. D is one of those scam artists, but you really have to beware, especially on the internet. It takes very little to put up a fancy website with "testimonials" proclaiming that your sugar pills cured IBS, cancer, impotence and the common cold!
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