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If you have read through his document then you should have a pretty good idea of how he works through many possible contributors to identify and treat causes. I am under the impression that if your condition is brought on by bacterial imbalances in your digestive system, he is more effective than your typical doctor, as he seems relentless in testing. If it is a serotonin/brain problem, I don't know how well he does.There were a small number of people who had very good results out of a 10 person testing group from the Board. (Gret, Calid, Kel/Lek and whatever other names she went under, I think Anmegrl.) Others did not. Gret, who had been using Ibsacol with good results, wanted a therapy that didn't require eternal treatment. She was most pleased with the results. He is expensive and his guarantee seems to be based on your ability to spend a fair whack of money on the supplements and the Great Smokies Lab. If you don't follow it to the letter (and dollar) you may be out of pocket, so if that is a concern, read the agreement closely.There are cheaper solutions in the non-medical side of this; however, you have to find out what works for you. If you can afford him, I believe you will get a good level of committment and support...but it is still an experiment.Good luck.Mark
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