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Cured by Zoloft

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I’ve had LG for 23 years. I suffered as a kid until in high school i tried Zoloft briefly but was too eager for improvement and switched to klonopin which I was on for 15+ years. After 12 years I slowly tapered off of it and it was hell. Finally I decided to try Zoloft again and this time I gave it a full chance. I worked my way up from 25mg to 100mg. I started feeling improvement at 75mg. My lg also improved slowly. After being on 100mg for a month, my LG is completely gone, my anxiety gone and I feel so normal and outgoing. For many of you, anxiety may be the root of lg. And many of you probably think it’s mostly physical, but physical and mental are intertwined. My pelvic floor muscles are weak, but the anxiety is what caused that. Seriously, try Zoloft and if you increase the dosage slowly, side effects may be minimal.
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Hi, I can only say that Zoloft (Sertraline in UK) helped my husband with diverticulitis. If he stops taking it, the symptoms return. He is on the smallest dose available.
25mg is barely a therapeutic dose so if 25mg is beneficial then 50mg would work wonders. Most people need at least 50mg for a real benefit. I’m on 100mg which is moderate dose. I have a friend who developed severe panic attacks and he was on Zoloft for a year and half and slowly titeares off of it and he’s doing great. He said 150mg felt the same as 100. If you have LG have you considered trying it?
It depends on the person, some people need stronger medication, others do not. It is very personal.
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