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curious..... question about a thread

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I am just curious. I read a thread eaerlier that found humorous, and now I notice it has disappeared. How and why does this happen?
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Check out page 2, I think you might be looking for the thread that the subject line is, You might have IBS if.....that one was hilarious and I even posted a few there myself. Look down at the bottom of the screen and you will see the page numbers. Hope you find the one that you are looking for
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If you're referring to the fake cure for IBS posting, I saw that was moved over to the meeting place. Some things, like you might have IBS if... blurs the lines, but most humor can be found in The Meeting Place, and postings with stronger language or more adult content are in the Adult Meeting Place.Sometimes the threads get moved to another forum that Jeff must think is a better place for them. He very rarely deletes anything.
If you are talking about the I am cured was moved to the meeting place. If not, the one you are looking for might be there too. Here is the I am cured one just in case that is the one you are looking for. ------------------DeAnn "Dee"
As new people post, the new post gets put on the "top" of the list, thus moving everything else down.If you can find something, try scrolling down the page.. you'll find it eventually.Also, every time someone responds to an exisiting post it will get moved (or "bumped") to the top of the list
Thanks for the replies. Someone was right. I found it, and it had simply been moved somewhere else. I was just wondering because I usually check in on the board a couple times a day when I'm home and I had noticed it happen before, so I figured I would ask, and you all answered. Thanks so much! I love this place.
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