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I have been coming on here to complain so much, and I'm feeling much better today so I thought I'd share something that made me giggle. My nephew is 3 and is learning to wear underwear. He was at my mom's house & went outside to pee in the grass. Next thing you know my mom has his shorts and underwear in the washer. She said he pulled his pants down to pee, but he sharted. (sh** + farted). So he accidentally pooped & had to have his shorts washed. I wish it was that cute when you get older, but I know from experience it loses any ounce of cuteness past about 4 years old.
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He he. I'm in the process of toilet training my twins at the moment. WELL. I never get a look in as far as the loo is concerned (and I can't make myself do it but I've had to send DH and my older daughter into the backyard on occasion due to the time it takes my littlies to DO anything). They also like to "dip" their loo paper in the water before they wipe their bum and "clean" the toilet with the toilet brush. Unfortunately they don't flush before they clean, and it's not just the toilet bowl they clean. They do floors, walls. I constantly have to clean bits of dried toilet paper off my toilet walls!
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Screamer--Those twins sound cute!!
They must keep you hopping.
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More like triathlon style exercise really. They are cute mostly just busy busy busy! And we're just heading into the terrible 3's (not the 2's, 3's are worse in my opinion) times 2 AHHH!
That is so funny! I love 2 and 3 year olds, but I don't have my own yet. So that could change. My nephew is very smart, & a little spoiled & scared to get dirty, but he caught a frog in a net while camping last month. A huge one. He was yelling Grandma Grandma I caught a frog! She asked what his name was & he said, "F***er". She said "WHAT?" & he said louder & slower "F***ER". She said she was laughing so hard she couldn't speak. I can't imagine having twins. How do you have time for IBS? Wouldn't that be great if for a few years we got so busy that we just forgot about it. Heaven.
I wish I could forget my IBS! Unfortunately while you don't have time for it the stress of raising 2 at once makes it a whole lot worse. Now I have to stand outside the loo jogging and squeezing my bum cheeks together while I attempt to wait to go. And most days when I'm feeling really bad I just have to keep on keeping on which I think is the absolute worst. Lol, I love the name of the frog! A friend of mine's little boy used to love Thomas the Tank engine, he especially liked the fat controller only he thought he was "the f####%###n' troller". That one always got a laugh out of me. One of my girls wanted to call her teddy "farty". Not sure what she really wanted to call it but she could only say farty. Thought it was a better name for me to be honest
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When my son was little, he thought trucks were f***s. We kept telling him no, that's a pick-up, that's a semi, that's a fire engine, etc.
That's hilarious, I'm still laughing about the F'ing troller. My nephew has trouble with the word 'truck' too. he at least sticks an R in it. Poor guy. His brother is so much smarter & bigger than he is, when he gets upset he just walks up & punches his big brother in the face. Then they are both poor guys. I'll see them next month. Hopefully my IBS behaves when I'm visiting the family. Kids seem to be more accepting of IBS, but oh so embarrassing. I remember feeling like I was going to lose it in the car and my little brother kept saying "What's she doing?! Is she sticking tissues down her pants?! What's wrong with her?!" I wanted to smash him.
Oh, I agree that the 3s are worse than the 2s!!! I was blindsided by that one with my first! Everyone speaks of 'Terrible Twos"; no contest with 3s, yikes! And I thought I was home-free when we got to 3.... ha!The first time my first was attempting the word "frog", he was saying, clear as a bell, "F####$%K". We were shocked, and had no idea what he was trying to say. I gave my hubby a hard time since he hadn't watched his language. Several days later we realized baby was referring to his FROG. Thanks for the giggles over what these little ones are saying- I needed the laugh today!
Not exactly what kids say but we went to the mall today. As soon as we got there my terrible twosome BOTH decided they needed the toilet so in we went. Well we took up 1/2 the loo's, one was happy sitting there with the door wide open, skirt on the floor saying "HIIIII" to every woman who walked in thinking it was empty and the other hollared the place down wanting the door shut, wanting her nappy off, wanting some toilet paper so while I'm trying to hold one door shut the other is asking for help to flush the loo. So off I go to flush the loo and whoops! The door of girl no 2 pops open and she hollars but I really needed to flush loo no 1 as people were queued up waiting! I was SOOO embarrassed
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