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D and Ibsacol

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I started taking Ibsacol a few weeks ago and my (here goes gross)stools are now better formed I would say normal although not sure what is normal anymore.Also, I do not get any pain or urgency.Have to also say that I do take Lomotil but that would not help with the stool formation I don't think, well it hasn't before.If you haven't tried Ibsacol it might be worth a shot.I am also in the very early stages of using the 100day HT prog ( Mikes Tapes)Regards
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Wow..I never heard of that. I wonder if it's available here in the United States - I'll do some asking around, thanks! And good luck with it!!!
Where do you find Ibsacol? Is it prescription or over the counter?
If you do a search here under Ibsacol you will find a lot of info from other members on the BB.There is a web site under or something like that. Go have a look.The product is only available by mail order from New Zealand.If you need any more info please post or EMail me. Regards JB
Sorry about this but I'm brain dead.Go to the bottom of this page and click on Ibsacol. Easy Peasy.
Hi .. please email me if you need any extra help.We have amazing success stories here on the board but most members leave and do not return here as they get back to living healthy lives.There are some good and informative threads over on the Products and Info Board from some of these long-gone folk -- use the little box at the bottom of this page and scroll thru to Products and Info.I'm very happy to help you where I can ..
Kind wishesDianneFor the record, I am director of the New Zealand company that developed and produces Ibsacol.
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