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D consistency?

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I apologize for how gross this is...hehI've recently noticed a change in the consistency of my BMs. I go from anywhere to not going ©, hard BMs, somewhat normal, and what you would consider loose, I guess. I've been diagnosed for about a year and a half and I don't recall really ever having much of a "watery" BM. Is watery BMs typical of IBS? My pattern has followed something like this:-A week or so before thanksgiving, I woke up with watery BMs (few times throughout the day) took some imodium and it seemed to settle it down by the next morning (although i even had issues at night)-About a week and a half later, same thing. Watery BMs for a day or two this time, medicine seemed to calm it down. (went once again during the night time)-2 weeks later, woke up again with watery BMs. Took anti-d meds and I was ok again by the next morning.Does your consistency drastically change ever like this?
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Mostly IBS diarrhea is in the soft to loose stool range. Watery diarrhea can happen, but sometimes indicates something else is going on, especially if most of what you pass is watery diarrhea especially for days or weeks on end rather than once in awhile with other consistencies in between.Sometimes it is just the IBS acting up, but for me when it lasts longer than an hour or so watery diarrhea usually ends up being a GI infection that would cause repeated episodes of watery diarrhea in anyone.Unfortunately having IBS doesn't prevent one from eating some food that may be a little off or picking up a GI virus.If you start having watery diarrhea as a consistent pattern you might need to get that checked out.
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