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Damned Upset

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I was just venting and its so nice to vent in a place where everyone understands. Fortunately for me, my husband is my best support. He understands fully what I am going through and sympathizes with my sometime difficulties. My friend is usually very understanding on most things...but because she is such a health nut, just cannot comprehend what I am going though. Its time I sat her down and explained as my dear mother-in-law suggested. Thanks for the support.
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Don't you just love it when the health nuts make all the off the wall suggestions that will cure you of IBS? So you try to explain what's really wrong with you, and they get this puzzled expression, and then go right on as if you didn't say anything at all.
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Hi AnnI too know how frustrating it can be when people come up with off the wall suggestions for ibs. I thought the people at work knew that what I had was ibs. Yesterday a well meaning co-worker came up to me and showed me a box of herbal tea. She pointed to a list of maladies that the company made teas for and then pointed to "prostate problems", and said "this might help you." I asked her what she thought was wrong with me. She said "I thought that was it." I said it was irratable bowell syndrome, and she said "Well, it's all connected isn't it?"[This message has been edited by stace (edited 10-31-98).]
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