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danik question

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Thanks for your email I am also on Amatriptalin but 10mg i havent seen any change yet are you on the same mg? I see my doctor tomorrow im sure he will want to increase it because i aslo get Migraines. What mg are you on?Lynne
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Good to hear from you. I am on 75 mg taken by tablet before going to bed. If things remain the same, my doc will more than likely increase that since I feel that it wears off by mid-afternoon. By that I start to get irritable, burning and tingling in my hands, and I can feel my gut grumbling (nothing too major). There were also other tri-cyclic drug listed as having the same effect. I found the list on this website under IBS self help group medication list. I do not get the migraines as of yet so it seems to be affecting you differently. Maybe one of the others is worth a shot?Good luck tomorrow!
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