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Dealing with IBS w/Anxiety

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Over the past 2 years, I have been taking Metamucil to reduce my IBS pain. My case of IBS is basically IBS w/Anxiety, because I do not have constipation or D, just frequent urgency to go when I am under stress (mainly school). But now school is over until the fall, and I am tired of the fiber because it inturrepts too much of my busy schedule. So I was wondering, how do any of you deal with IBS w/Anxiety, without taking fiber?Currently, I also take DA:IBS and soon DA:For Gas (whatever the name is).Please help me out here, all comments appreciated, thanks.
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I'll go out on a limb here and say that most if not all ibs cases are stress related.( I'm sure that some members will strongly disagree here, but in your case it's obvious)You seem to be quite young, so my advice is that the sooner you get a handle on the anxiety, the better. Anxiety can be a life long battle and in my case (i'm 42) it has been; looking back I never realized that I had a problem with stress or the outcome it would have on the human body - cause and effect. Concentrate your efforts on the source otherwise you'll be spend years seeking miracle cures for symtoms that needn't exist.........sermon over.
FYIAm J Clin Hypn. 2005 Jan;47(3):161-78. Related Articles, Links Hypnosis and irritable bowel syndrome: a review of efficacy and mechanism of action. Tan G, Hammond DC, Joseph G. Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX 77030, USA. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a functional gastrointestinal disorder characterized by abdominal pain, distension, and an altered bowel habit for which no cause can be found. Despite its prevalence, there remains a significant lack of efficacious medical treatments for IBS to date. In this paper we reviewed a total of 14 published studies (N=644) on the efficacy of hypnosis in treating IBS (8 with no control group and 6 with a control group). We concluded that hypnosis consistently produces significant results and improves the cardinal symptoms of IBS in the majority of patients, as well as positively affecting non-colonic symptoms. When evaluated according to the efficacy guidelines of the Clinical Psychology Division of American Psychological Association, the use of hypnosis with IBS qualifies for the highest level of acceptance as being both efficacious and specific. In reviewing the research on the mechanism of action as to how hypnosis works to reduce symptoms of IBS, some evidence was found to support both physiological and psychological mechanisms of action. Publication Types: Review Review, Tutorial PMID: 15754863A side effect of it is reduced anxiety and of course its a safe and natural treatment.Why Consider Hypnosis Treatment for IBS? hypnosis: Something for you? of Published Research To Date on Hypnosis for IBS
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hypnosis sounds cool. where do i go for it? are the sessions long? please tell me more lol.
I'm a student too and I have most of my IBS problems during the school year. But I had D problems before I decided to go back to school. I think stress can affect it, but I also think it stems from a pysiological problem.
Everyone get a handle on your stress . . .it is guaranteed to help your IBS somewhat. Plus, stress long-term will lead to worse problems than IBS.That said, it's not easy to manage anxiety!! I am also interested in hypnosis if anyone has info about it. And while they're at it, I'll tell them to hypnotise me to cure my fear of spiders!
I, too, have anxiety induced IBS. I'm 19 and have had IBS for about 6 years, but was just diagnosed 2 years ago. My doctor just prescribed Zoloft for my anxiety, which seems to work wonders. I really like it. However, it completely, and totally took away every bit of sex drive that I had (which was a lot lol) so, I'm trying to decide if it's worth it or not. My boyfriend says it's my call. He doesn't want me to be in pain, but I'd like my libido back.....Anyhow, aside form the zoloft helping, I've recently fallen in love with Immodium. It's a little more expenive than other diarrhea meds, but is better, in my opinion. If I have something stressful coming up, or if I have to get up early (that does it to me too), I take 2 before I go to bed the night before and 2 in the morning and I'm fine all day long. That being sad, A LOT of my stress comes from the fact that I'm afraid I'm going to get a D attack in public, which in reality happens very very rarely.Oh also, how is the DA working for you? I used it for about 2 weeks and it didn't do a thing for me.. Tasted like candy, which was nice, but didn't effect my system at all...Luckily I got it on sale and had a coupon, so I only paid like, $6 for it...
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the DA:IBS has done a great job with me. I used to get bad stomach cramps after going to the bathroom before i started taking it. I used to have to drink 1 glass water 30min before dinner, 1 during, and 1 30 min after so that i wouldnt get cramps. but this medicine has taken them away for good. I have been taking it since february 2004.
Hi DC - IBS has a very strong mind-gut - anxiety component.Thanks Eric for posting the info above. Both Eric and I and many here on the BB have had our IBS symptoms greatly reduced through hypnotherapy - Take a peek at this link and also the forum below my name for additional info. and many others here on the BB have used an in-home recorded program called the IBS Audio Program 100 which has been used by thousands of IBS patients worldwide. It does break that anxiety/mind/gut connection - the fear of having an IBS attack, fear of travel, urgency, etc.You can do it from your home - once a day (about 1/2 hour of time) over a period of 100 days, with 5 sessions you listen to according to a specific schedule. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have about it. You can find info on the program here: or for short! (Goes to the same link.Just let me know.There are many avenues to IBS treatment, and what may work for some, may not work for others. When taking supplements, be sure to look at the contents, and note if there are any studies on how the supplement works. Some people have wonderful relief, some have short-term relief, and others have none - everyone is different, so it's hard to know if what works for others will work for you.With the IBS Audio Program, most IBS patients were those who had exhausted every other treatment method, and did the program as a last resort, and wished they had used it as a first line of treatment. It isn't a cure, it doesn't work for everyone due to the wide spectrum of IBS etiology, but it does work for over 90% of those who have completed the program, and continues working after completion as well.
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yes you are right vena but it is easier said than done , a lot of us have had a lot of stress and if it were so easy to "loosen" up i would, im not being critical of what you said only saying its very hard.I cant help with the spiders actually im not afraid of them, i hate moths ive always had a fear of them.
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Give the IBS Program from Michael Mahoney a try. Go to ibsprogram.comHelps deal with the anxiety around IBS and is alot cheaper than doctor visits.
I would like to, but being a student, $97 is too much for my limited income. Oh well though life goes on.
I was also interested in the tapes but didn't get them because of the price. For a cheaper alternative, you can get the book "Worry" by Edward Hallowell, for about $10 on It helped me a lot! Or just go to the bookstore and read it there for free
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Just fyi but they are 89 dollars.For a lot of people the best money they have ever spent on IBS treatments.It might even save a person a lot of money all in all in meds, otcs and other costs from suffering.Plus I really believe no price is to high to really help IBS and what it can do to a person.
I have such a hard time with stress and anxiety and my IBS....I find those times are the worst! I get so sick...but have never had a clue how to control it....I do what I can but obviously it isn't enough.
well im now thinking about this whole fiber thing, and looking back to my fiber free days when ibs started in 10th grade, the bottom line is that i MADE it through the year with ibs, miserable or not. it never caused me D then without fiber, and i also had no clue what was going on. i feel that when i come off the fiber, things will be better than they were 2 years ago just because i know what is happening. i am comfortable at my job. i plan on eating more soluable fiber from foods such as fruits and veggies, and potatoes at dinner. i think this will help some of the urgency when i come off the fiber. also the gas pills should help that part on top of the other DA:ibs i is my plan. on may 27th, i was taking 3tsp meta at 3:00pm. as of may 28th, i am taking 2tsp at 12:00 pm and still feel fine. whenever all of my finals are over next monday i am going down to 1 tsp at 12:00pm. then, june 10th which is the day after graduation, i am going to wake up and take no fiber. i think the gradual thing will work good.
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Good luck on your plan - I hope that it works for ya - sometimes just being proactive is helpful in its own way. But just to clear up a few things - pure IBS is NOT caused by specific foods or lack of fiber - we know this because so many IBS patients have different "trigger" foods and different diets/fiber applications, yet their symptoms may return. We also know this because after clinical hypnotherapy, most patients go back to eating foods that were once triggers, and no longer follow any specific diet or fiber regimen. There are some individuals who have food intolerances and/or food allergies, but that is not IBS - for those individuals, diet or exclusion of the offending foods would take care of the problem - then there are those who have both IBS and food intolerances/allergies - and for them relief can become more complicated.Just from what you have mentioned here, it seems that you have anxiety related IBS (you should be diagnosed by a doc for IBS to make sure it is nothing else) - if the fiber system works for you, this is great - and I hope it does, but what has happened in my own experience and many of those I speak with is that the IBS symptoms return after various treatments, and most things usually are short-term relief. I believe that your belief system plays a big role in this - if you believe that the fiber routine will help you, it may in fact do so, but many here on the BB who have been told by their docs to take fiber have not met with long-term success. That doesn't mean that you won't - but if this were the universal answer to the problem, then everyone would just take fiber and there would be no IBS and no BB. It may work for some patients, and it may work for a time for some patients, and not at all for others. The fact that you mention you functioned prior to using fiber (although you still had the symptoms) indicates that you are aware of how things may or may not work in the long term. Many here on the BB have been helped with calcium supplements (especially those with post-operative IBS) and for emergencies for IBS - D, Imodium may be helpful.There is a lot more info on how the brain-gut connection works; many people who have been miserable and who have had to put their lives on hold due to IBS are now functioning quite well as a result to hypnotherapy - over 90% of the folks who use it have had good symptom reduction. The reason I mention this is because I have two kids about your age - I know of young adults whose lives have been literally put on hold because of IBS. The sooner you could possibly consider the program, the better outcome you will have. I know of teens who spend their time curled up in the fetal due to IBS, and my heart goes out to them - I know that $89 is a lot to a student, but divide that by the number of days of the rest of your life and feeling better - and it takes on a different perspective. Well, best of luck to you on your graduation - I hope you feel better and your plan works out. But if later in the summer, you are still having problems, let me know and I will see if we can't help ya out somehow. Take care.
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