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Thanks for your replies Jean and geomv. INeed positive input right now ...I'm going to ask doc for Wellbutrin as I feel so lost again. I have a habit of not giving meds a chance but I can't continue feeling like this. What harm can it do to try? I'm so miserable right now --my mind has such 'doom and gloom'-- I hope it can only help. My poor husband has to put up with such nonsense, I must do it for him, too. I'm on a roller coaster and want to get off. My therapist was so disappointed that I'm slipping again and recommends I take an anti-depressant for awhile.As for my spasms the CaltratePlus seems to be working...occasional loose bms but that's probably my diet habits. Still working at it.Be Well and ThanksBarb------------------BJV/Female__(D)

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osgev -One of the side effects I have had with Welbutrin SR (sustained release) was a little drowiness when I first started taking it. I take it at night so I don't notice that anymore. It also tends to make you a little constipated, which as a D/C I did not mind too much. I started on 100mg but when I increased the dosage to 200mg, I became a little too C for my liking. I told my doctor about this and he agreed that I could cut back to the lower dosage.Whatever you decide to take, start out slowly and, if you need to, work up to the higher doses.------------------M�dchen
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