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Hi All,

I'm wondering if anyone has had C-Diff, and would be willing to describe their symptoms in detail?

Back story:

I recently spent three weeks traveling in South America for work, where I got sick with something gastrointestinal, likely from contaminated food or water. I had diarrhea until I was empty each morning, with nausea, weakness and abdominal cramping and pain. Prior to leaving, I saw a travel doctor, who prescribed me cipro for travelers diarrhea (500 milligrams twice per day). I have IBS and usually my stomach is a mess when I travel abroad, so I lived with it for a few days to see if it would go away on its own. It did not, so I started taking the cipro, but only once per day. It made me feel kind of weird, so I didn't want to risk taking it before work and be sick on the road (I had a very grueling schedule with daily travel and zero downtime). When I got back, I saw my gastroenterologist. He told me to take the rest of my cipro twice per day. I also did a three series stool test for parasites, and a CT can of my abdomen. Everything came back negative, but I am still having diarrhea, abdominal pain, and now vomiting. My doctor thinks it's just my body getting back to normal, but it's now been three weeks of this. He does not think I need any further stool testing. I've read the symptoms of C-Diff online, which match my own on paper - but maybe not in severity. I haven't gotten much from googling, so I'd appreciate any detailed description of your symptoms if you've been diagnosed with C-Diff. Thank you!
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