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desperate continued

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The quality of life is very low for me. I can't go anywhere without worrying and carrying a "baby bag" full ofsupplies, etc.clothes. This is just to get me home.Once I have an accident it is never small enough for a quick clean up.I feel despondent, alone, and feel like I have to give up some life time dreams like seeing Italy. Even going to the beach for the day is out. Please tell me it's going to be alright.
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well mate im a resonably new sufferer so i cant tell you what you wanna hear, im kinda at a loss myself. But i gotta say you sound like you really need to find some help through a real person, not just a messageboard. i know how you feel though, ive dedicated my life to travelling, its all i wanna do, and thats is threatened. But people here have given me hope and i do beleive with the right help we can get things under control in the end...stay strong
hi deejay,just typing to let you know, that you have loads of support, on this site. and you will be okay. have you seen the dr about this?.
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Anna,I have been to more doctors and had more tests and everyone has said the same thing.
I have been on dicyclomine (Bentyl)questran powder and lomotil. When I was on the questran I was nearly symptom free for two years. For some reason it stopped working and now i am taking 8+ lomotil a day. This does not work 100% of the time and I have accidents atleast once a month.
Mike's Tapes and Caltrate come immediately to mind. I've had mine under control for over 5 years with flavonoid supplementation. Just keep trying things. Eventually you will find something to help you. When you do, Italy will be all the sweeter. Mark
Thanks, I'll ask my doc to make sure that I don't have any drug interactions and then i will try that. How do you get flavanoids? can you buy them at a drug store, do you need a script?
Flavonoids are a class of nutrients. the one I use (Provex CV) blends a group that target cardiovascular help. The resultant increase in circulation to the brain is what I think is responsible for my recovery. While this particular brand is sold directrly from the inventor/manufacturer, two of the principal ingredients--ginko biloba and red grape seed extract--are available from any health food/vitamin store. If you want to try the Provex, e-mail me. JUST DON'T GIVE UP.(See you in Tuscany next May?)Mark
your a champ overitnow...really thanks for sticking around even now your over it....i think these people are right gotta keep trying things...dont let it lapse and be glad you found this resource....chin up.
MARK:since you are "overitnow" any advice regarding working and IBS? did your IBS affect your job/work? i know it affects every aspect of my life, and i am fighting hard to make it work, but it seems that paying rent isn't so easy without money... if only i could pay in medications?! (ok, trying to be funny).any advise? anyone?
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