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Hello Everybody

It was reassuring to know that there are so many people out there who are suffering with GI issues. My issues started about 10 months ago when I took a round of antibiotics for a throat infection. They gave me terrible diarrhea and it kicked off from there. Following the terrible diarrhea I got the worst bout of thrush I've ever had that lasted 3 months until I cut sugar from my diet altogether and eventually it disappeared. Shortly after this I also started taking very strong probiotics thinking it may be candida in my gut. Around this time I also started spotting through my pill so I had tests (listed below) done to check what could be causing this. Came off my pill and have now been off it for 3 months.

My symptoms just started as a lower left hand ab ache with very loose and urgent stools in the morning. They have changed, got better, got worse etc over the last 10 months. I sometimes get solid stools for a week or so but random pain in my left buttock, brushed tailbone sensation, lhs abdomen and even in the back of my left leg. This pain is never intense but rather just uncomfortable.

I've also had on quite a few occasions , mucus with my stool which has always been just a milky white colour. I have also been getting an absurd about of cervical mucus over the last 2 months but I'm pretty sure this is down to coming off the contraceptive pill for the first time in 11 years and the hormones in my body going mental.

I've had LOTS of blood tests, which to begin with, showed inflammation of the blood ( 3 tests over a period of several months showed inflammation) but these have returned to normal now (2 normal tests done in the past 4 months) and im told that this was probably due to infection i had originally. I've had 2 stool tests; both normal. I've had a pelvic ultrasound ; all normal. I've had rectal examinations, abdomen examinations, cervical scrapes and examinations, urine cultures done - all normal.

I've tried hypnotherapy, yoga, counselling, anti depressants, running, swimming and walking. I've just started acupuncture. I've cut wheat, gluten and dairy. I had terrible anxiety and depression for a few months which has improved since I have gone down to part time hours at work.

I will also mention; I'm a newly qualified teacher and I got married back in September (a few months after this started). I have had to cut my hours down due to the stress and anxiety over how poorly i've been feeling and this has now put me in a position where in 2 months time I will be unemployed as my current contract on part time hours will end.

I have seen a G.I consultant twice now and he is saying he thinks it's IBS. I know this is a high possibility but the array of symptoms causes me so much anxiety, discomfort and upset and just want to see if other people suffer with similar, if not the same?

I'm now due to have a colonoscopy in a few weeks time as I have pushed and pushed for the doctors to find out the cause for all this.

I have no history of colon cancer in my family or any other digestive issues for that matter.

I've also had random bouts of allergies with no discovered cause in the last 2 1/2 years.

So sorry to just list it all but I know that if anybody is going to understand how exhausted I feel with this, it will somebody on here.

Thank you in advance.

xx S
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