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diagnosed this morning

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Post Preview I was diagnosed this morning with IBS from a Family Practice Doctor.Have had bouts with Diarrhea for as long as I can remember but this last week I've been feeling really bloated and full (like I've overeaten),just not feeling myself. I've also had trouble sleeping for about a year and a half.She prescribed Prozac for me telling me it will help with my seratonin, which she thinks is the problem with my sleep, GI problems.Any body else taking this? Any problems with it?
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Yes KLF, I am taking Prozac, and it does help with the seritonin level in your brain. IF it be any help, my family physician diagnoised me with IBS too, and recommended see a nutritionist at the hospital and also taking Metamucil, because of the fiber. If you do have any side affects from Prozac, let your doctor know, sometimes it takes a few weeks before the medication gets adapted to being in you. It made me sleepy all the time so I take it before I go to bed, so I don't have that problem in the day. I hope this will be some help too you-Good Luck!
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