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Hello Everyone!

I'm new here, in fact i'm new to IBS and relatively new to Health Anxiety

Firstly I'm a 26 Year Old Male, from the UK. Weighing in at 13st 12lb so slightly overweight..

No family history of any colorectal cancer as far as I'm aware and no IBS etc as far as I'm aware again..

So, lets get into my issues.. bare with me as this may be a long post *I Apologize now*

Things started going a bit weird about a month ago, when out of no where, I started experiencing sharp chest pains in the left side.. At first I ignored it as it was very short period but they kept on coming and eventually I went to Google ( Silly Me! ) - Obviously I was greeted with hundreds of pages relating to a heart attack. That was it I was dying I thought.. Panic Attacks and restless nights ensued until, I decided to go to the GP - She ran all the basics - all came back fine and she sent me on my way. I had relief for all of 3/4 hours. Then it was back - I was CONVINCED I was dying, panic attacks and pains carried on until I ended up in A&E where they hooked me up to a ECG and told me I was fine. Nothing wrong there at all and it was a Panic Attack!

Thankfully, after this my symptoms subsided and then along came the bowel issues

It came out of the blue and I wasn't expecting it. I suddenly felt the urge to go 5 minutes after waking up (This was new for me) So, off I went and had a bowel movement due to my heightened anxiety I checked (I don't think I've ever checked my stools before) but due to the urge and the feeling I checked and noticed my stools seemed to be quite flat small chunks? Ok.. I then needed another bowel movement an hour later of the same stool.. and again another hour later..

So, being the anxious mess I am - I googled again & Immediately found Bowel/Colon Cancer. Couple that with a Spot of blood numerous times on toilet paper from Vigorous wiping, I was CONVINCED I had bowel/colon cancer. Thoughts flooded my head of how I was going to die, not see my kids grow up etc. I let this go on for a few days of the same stool etc. Before I decided to call the doctors and explained about my symptoms. She booked me in for a blood test which I did ASAP.

During this time, I switched to toilet wipes and used some Germoloids, as GP advised it could be Piles/Fissure or from Vigorous wiping. Sure enough the blood has gone and hasn't come back since.

I also started getting mild abdominal pain.. again due to my anxiety and googling I determined this was the cancer spreading etc.

I phoned up earlier than a week, to get my blood results and was told they were perfect bar a slightly elevated infection marker of 10 (when 8 is average) and they put this down to me having a Chesty Cough/Cold at the time. Great - I had relief in my mind - but the bowel issues persisted.

So here I am 3 weeks later.. and I've got these symptoms;

- Urgent Bowel Movements in Morning 2-3 Times

- Feeling of Incomplete Bowel Movements

- Abdominal Pain - Ranges from Low Down to Up High

- Very Loud Belly

- Passed Clear Mucus 4/5 Times over this period - When in Evening I've felt urge to go I will have gas followed by this clear Mucus (Yellowish Tint Sometimes)

- Mucus with stool

- Flat stools

- Seem to be constipated later in day

- 'Looser Stools'

- Lot of Gas, Farting/Burping

- Frequent Urination

I have been in contact with the GP again 3 times and each time I've been reassured that its not cancer. My bloods are perfect, my age and family history steer away from it she said.

I've since been prescribed Sertraline 50mg for my Anxiety, which has heightened it ATM as only on day 6 & she also gave me a loose diagnosis of IBS. I was unconvinced and two more phone calls later, she told me the same thing both times. NOT cancer. IBS. BLOODS PERFECT.

I'm still unconvinced as I have had no other tests then a Blood Test, No D.R.E, No Colonoscopy, No Flexi Sig. Etc.

Does this really sound like IBS and not Colon/Bowel Cancer? Am I Over Reacting? My anxiety is sky high and any advice/help would be massively appreciated!

Thank You and Sorry for the long post

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Hi Jay,

I have suffered from sever generalized anxiety for 15 years and have started manifesting IBS symptoms over the last 3 months, so I sympathize with what you're feeling. First of all, stay away from Google; you'll always be dying, especially when you start looking up about stools. The SSRI's for anxiety will help you keep calm during "IBS flares" so you can focus more on balancing your stomach, rather than being anxious. Research has shown that colon/bowel cancer CAN occur in younger people, but it is HIGHLY unlikely. The blood on the toilet paper is purely from your frequent bowel movements, this has happened to me numerous times and got better. I would highly recommend mentioning to your doctor SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) or Candida overgrowth. Do some research and see if those symptoms match what you have going on.

Just remember, we can't adjust reality and it's not going to do us any good to get anxious and run 1,000 scenarios of what might happen.

Stay calm.

Good luck and keep us posted.


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Because of Google, I had several cancers, lupus and a thousand diseases in the last years. Don't use it. I live with anxiety and it's not a good thing. My doctor asked me to never google symptoms again (it's very hard not do it...).

When you have symptoms, tell a doctor, not a computer. They did decades of study to acheive this level of knowledge, we are not going to be better than them with some google searches. If you are not sure, maybe see a second doctor. If it's the same results, trust them.

And I'm sure your anxiety gives you some symptoms (like the frequent urination). Over the last decade, my anxiety gave me a years and a half of vertigo every day (I was sure I had a brain tumor), some years later after a breakup I started having urticaria. Last years I was sure I had heart problems (after some tests I have a near perfect heart) and now I'm sure my IBS problems are worst when I feel anxious. I'm sure I forgot stuff I though I had.
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