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FYI:Gastroenterologists Business EditorsNEWTOWN, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 11, 2000--Gastroenterologists received more than 26 million visits from patients during the year ending March 2000.That represented a 6 percent increase over the previous 12-month period, according to Scott-Levin's Physician Drug & Diagnosis Audit, which covers the reasons behind patient visits to physicians.The top three reasons for these visits were esophageal disorder (8.4 percent), abdominal pain (7.0 percent), and rectal and anal hemorrhage (3.7 percent).The Outlook on SalesGastroenterologists were responsible for $2.7 billion in retail prescription sales during the year ending April 2000, reports Scott-Levin's Source(tm) Prescription Audit, which tracks retail prescription activity. That's a 19 percent increase from the prior 12-month period.The top five companies benefiting from prescriptions written by gastroenterologists were AstraZeneca ($547 million), TAP ($411 million), Schering-Plough ($356 million), Procter & Gamble ($140 million) and Merck ($99 million).For AstraZeneca, Prilosec ($533 million) produced most of the retail sales originating with gastroenterologists. For TAP, it was Prevacid ($389 million); for Schering-Plough, Rebetron ($311 million); for Procter & Gamble, Asacol ($138 million); and for Merck, Pepcid ($43 million).Gastroenterologists wrote 35.2 million retail prescriptions during the year ending April 2000, 4 percent more than in the previous 12-month span. The top five therapeutic classes prescribed by these specialists were anti-ulcerants (25.9 percent), GI anti-inflammatory products (5.7 percent), GI stimulants (3.5 percent), pre-X-ray evacuants (3.4 percent) and antispasmodic belladonna (2.7 percent).Promotion ScorecardPharmaceutical sales representatives made 684,000 details to gastroenterologists during the 12 months ending April 2000, according to Scott-Levin's Personal Selling Audit/Hospital Personal Selling Audit, which tracks office and hospital detailing of physicians. That figure represents a 12 percent increase over the previous year.Gastroenterologists were detailed most often on Prilosec (13.1 percent of the total), Prevacid (13.0 percent) and Aciphex (12.2 percent). However, the Source(tm) Prescription Audit shows that the top three products prescribed by gastroenterologists in the 12 months ending April 2000 were Prilosec (10.8 percent), Prevacid (8.5 percent) and Asacol (3.1 percent).In addition, Scott-Levin's Physician Meeting & Event Audit indicates that gastroenterologists attended 4,413 meetings and events in the year ending April 2000, 43 percent more than in the prior 12 months.About 26 percent of these events were non-product-specific -- they did not promote a particular brand. The top drugs highlighted at meetings for gastroenterologists were Aciphex (721 events) and Prilosec (468 events).For more information, clients can contact Nancy Robertone at Media representatives should contact Dave Johnson at Phone: 215/860-0440; fax: 215/860-5477.Scott-Levin provides consulting services used by more than 80 Unites States and international pharmaceutical clients. These services monitor key areas such as product promotion, industry trends, retail pharmacy activity and market performance.Scott-Levin audits are the leading secondary market research tools used by the pharmaceutical industry. Scott-Levin's products, which cover detailing, meetings and events, direct-to-consumer advertising, journal advertising, and other media, provide the most complete picture of total pharmaceutical promotion.Scott-Levin is part of the QUINTERNET(tm) Informatics service group of Quintiles Transnational Corp., the global leader in helping pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies market and sell their products.Quintiles also provides insightful market research solutions and strategic analyses to support health care decisions. Headquartered near Research Triangle Park, N.C., Quintiles employs a global workforce operating from offices in 38 countries.�2000 Business Wire ------------------
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