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Diarrhea for Second Week!

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Now this is really strange for me! I'm always C and usually taking acidolphilus helps me to have a bm. Having diarrhea on a daily basis for the past two weeks has me worried. I know that IBS can be alternating from C to D, but this has not been my routine. The only times I've had D is when I eat something that doesn't agree with me such as hot and spicy or greasy. Then I expect to have D. But that has not been the case and it concerns me. D is something that I don't know how to deal with. I'm almost afraid to eat lunch for fear of having it at work. My stomach feels a lot like I need to go. Any suggestions?
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Hi Girlfriend,Sorry about the "D".
I am just wondering if it might have something to do with the left-sided pain you posted about last week. I tried to find that post, but couldn't. I almost always have lower left-sided pain. Some of it is caused by my diverticulosis, but some of it is caused by stool and gas that gets stuck in the decending colon. Up until the "D", even though you were "going" everyday, maybe you weren't "going" enough. There could have been some build-up causing the pain. The build-up had to be eliminated, resulting in the "D". This is just a possibility. How is your left-side pain now? Usually if I have "D" which is rare..getting rid of all the built-up waste generally gets rid of my left-sided pain. If it is really getting bad, and you are afraid to could try immodium, but be careful because immodium can plug you up, so just take 1 and see how it goes. Hope you feel better! ------------------"Remember To Stop and Smell the Roses"Rose (C-type)
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Hi Patty:I'm sorry to hear about the D.
I remember you always talking about C before. Are you having any nausea with it, or a fever? Could it be you've caught a bug?Since it's such a big change for you, maybe you ought to get things checked out. I wouldn't take anything for it until you know for sure.JeanG
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Thanks Rose and Jean for your responses.Rose, you are so right -- I really don't feel that pain in my left side now! Maybe you have something there. We'll just see how long this will go. Hopefully, it'll be over when I'm good and empty! It really feels strange to worry about whether to eat and whether I'll have D afterwards. I'm going to try and let us take its course and use the Immodium as the last resort. My first thought going into this second week was, "Oh my God, something is seriously wrong with me now." You know I"ll never be comfortable with just the IBS diagnosis!
Jean,No, no nausea or fever. But I did wonder if it might be a stomach virus or something.
Patty-I've read that some people react differently to different brands of probiotics. You might want to consider trying another brand?Also, it could be that the probiotics are working and you had some bad bacteria to get rid of. Constipation blocks toxins in the body and diarrhea is most often your body's way of getting rid of them.Something to consider, anyways...
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