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Hi all,

I am new to the forum and want to post this as it may help others as it has me.I have suffered from IBS since the age of 15 and I am now 43.I was basically living off Immodium and had been given everything over the years to try to help,Colofac,peppermint oil etc,I even paid privately for histamine tolerance testing.It made my life a misery.

I was recently sent to an endocrinologist to see if there was anything else going on and in the interim between appointments my G.P gave me a week's supply of Fluconazole for persistent Candida.It has cured my diarrhea.I cannot believe it.I don't have to take Immodium with me everywhere or watch what I eat,or find where the nearest loo is all the time!

The downside is that I have gained weight as food no longer goes straight through me!If this helps one person as it has me,I will be very happy! best of luck!
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Can you share what dosage Fluconazole you were prescribed and how long ago you received treatment?

I'm curious how long-lasting your relief has been.

I've been having a "flare-up" of my IBS-D symptoms for about six months (have had IBS-D since I was 23, am now 44) and am willing to try any new possible treatment at this point. I've been through myriads of Rxs and herbal supplements, acupuncture, etc.

I appreciate your sharing your experience!
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