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Hi all,

I am new to the forum and want to post this as it may help others as it has me.I have suffered from IBS since the age of 15 and I am now 43.I was basically living off Immodium and had been given everything over the years to try to help,Colofac,peppermint oil etc,I even paid privately for histamine tolerance testing.It made my life a misery.

I was recently sent to an endocrinologist to see if there was anything else going on and in the interim between appointments my G.P gave me a week's supply of Fluconazole for persistent Candida.It has cured my diarrhea.I cannot believe it.I don't have to take Immodium with me everywhere or watch what I eat,or find where the nearest loo is all the time!

The downside is that I have gained weight as food no longer goes straight through me!If this helps one person as it has me,I will be very happy! best of luck!
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Just thought I would follow up with this thread. I have Candida and was put on Flucnazole for 4 weeks at 100 mg. I didn't notice a single difference from my nausea, pain, and histamine response to a lot of foods until 2 weeks in when I started to supplement with oregano oil (45mg 1-2x/day). Unforunately, once I came off of the Fluconazole simples slowly began reappearing. My histamine issues have gotten so bad that I seemingly respond to any and every food with a flushing in my face, prickly/itchy skin, a head ache and stomach pains. I'm back on Fluconazole for 3 weeks at 200 mg and oil of oregano at 150mg (1-2x/day).

I saw Dr. Gerard Mullin at Johns Hopkins and he said that herbal products seem to work just as well if not better than Fluconazole and Rifaximin (I have SIBO as well). With that said, I was advised to take Biotics' Dysbiocide, FC Cidal and ADP (oil of oregano in a capsule that releases further into the digestive tract so it doesnt get absorbed before it gets to the critters in your intestines). I'm also going to start taking Klaire Labs' Interfase to break up the biofilm these suckers probably made to protect them.

Often times you need to come at these things from multiple angles to really nip them in the bud.
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