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My IBS symptoms have been pretty quiet in the lsat couple of days or so. I've been 'lucky' enough to catch a common cold which has taken my mind off other things. I would like to put my following diet to the floor please for people to assess, as I'm not very good at this kind of thing:Friday------Probiotic Yoghurt (AM) - No problemsSausage/Pasta/Salad (Lunch) - No problems (normalish stool)Drinks: Apple Juice and water.No dinner as my cold cut in and I didn't feel like eating.Saturday--------Drink: FLAT Coca-Cola to settle my stomach. Food: Tomato soup and some mini sausages afterwardsStools were fine again, no great symptoms of IBS here.Sunday------Breakfast: Kellogs Cornflakes (No problems)Lunch: Bacon, Mushroom, Salad (No problems)Stools: Been twice so far today, the first one was after lunch and pretty normal too which has surprised me in itself. However, in the afternoon, I went back to drinking TWO fizzy sodas. Lots of flatulence and then diarrohea followed.Dinner: Steak, potatoes and carrots. Still suffering diarrohea.Can anyone help me assess where I'm going through over the last couple of days? Is it the acid levels in the soda that has brought this on? Help please
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