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Difference between IBS-D and IBS-C

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I am new to the list and am just learning how to navigate around it. Could someone please describe to me the difference between IBS-D and IBS-C. I was under the impression that this health problem has both components. At least that is what mine is like. I will have attacks of cramps, pain, urgency about 5 or more times on occasion, usually in the morning. This happens at varying intervals with respect to number of days in between. Between these attacks of cramps and loose stools it is like my bowel closes down and then I have constipation which is as bad as the loose stools. I am constantly attempting to plug and unplug myself. It is a vicious with rarely a normal BM. What advise is there for someone with the pattern like I have? I take Dicetel the night before and the morning of a big event and I think this helps somewhat but not 100%. It is out of the ordinary routine stuff that starts me with the cramps, so at times I can anticipate when it will occur. Should I be trying this Caltrate that seems to help so many? Any advise is welcomed or please direct me where I can search it out and under what headings. Feel free for anyone to e-mail me personally. I am glad I have found this list as I have been suffering for 34 years and it seems to be getting worse as I get older.Thank you.
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Lizzie,My IBS affects me the same way. Right now I am in the C mode - very little, if any bowel movement for the past few days. I keep waiting for the "bomb" to drop, so to speak, when I will be spending most of the morning in the bathroom. Probably tomorrow when I have to take an hour + drive to my sister in law's!I have read on these boards about something called Equalactin, which is available at a pharmacy. I am giving this a try. Got to search and see about this pill. It may help.Good Luck.
Lizzie,I am also relatively new to these BBs, but maybe can help you. Some of us call ourselves IBS-CCD, which means "constantly constipated except when I have D" As for what works, you'll find people here who've tried everything from Prozac to herbal teas to exercise to mas_aging their palms & feet!! So,jump on in, and please keep us posted, 'cause we all learn from each other. I'm still just trying to figure out what foods "trigger" my IBS, though, since I love a TOTAL variety, it is hard to pin things down to w/in the last 24 hrs when I do have pain. Hang in, you'll love the funny things you see posted sometimes here.
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