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I've been taking digestive enzymes for a couple of months now. It's been a double edge sword for me. I started with Source Naturals Daily Essential Enzymes, which I believed was the cause for my lathargy, so I switched to Rainbow Light... however, I didn't much like them, as they would give me heartburn, most likely due to the peppermint and other added herbs, and I still experienced the lethargy after meals. I'm now taking Digest Gold + Probiotics for lunch, and Source Naturals for dinner (since the Source Naturals enzymes are less potent). I do notice a decent improvement to my digestion... however, I believe it's contributing to constipation, rather than helping. From what I've read, the enzyme supplements may make the chyme more concentrated, which leads to a more dense stool. I may have my facts mixed up, but this is what I have been experiencing. Though I alternate from C and D. I've been C for these past few months, and it's been increasingly difficult. I thought I was improving this past month, but I'm now day 5 without having been able to go. I do notice stool being very dense. I'm just trying to find a way to balance it out, because I agree, the enzymes do help.
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