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I've been eating Digest gold + probiotics for some weeks now, almost the whole bottle of 90 capsules. You say you take 4 per meal? :eek: I have only taken 3-4 per day. I have noticed some improvement but not any dramatic help.. The main thing I've noticed is that my stool that used to float 95 % of the time before , which is a sign of malabsorption of the food, is now more often not floating and coming easily out without being in small pieces. Sorry for the graphics but as many of you my problem is constipation, when I do go it's usually quite hard and it comes out in small floating pieces.

So I think I'm gonna keep eating these because even tho they don't help significantly with my bloating it's really important to start absorbing the nutrients after many years of digestion problems!

How soon did you notice the improvement?
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