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Suzanne Somers book Eat Great, and Lose Weight is about the way our foods are digested. I happened on the book at the library. So far eating the steps she advises has help me more than I had hoped for. This is what she prints in her book:1. eliminate sugars, high starch foods like flour and potatoes, caffiene and alcohol.2 eat fruits alone. Fruits turn to acid when combined with other food group and spoils in the stomach, causing gas pain, pressure, and bloated feeling. Eat fruit on an empty stomach or wait two hours after your last meal to have as a snack or dessert (page 36).3. Eat Proteins/Fats with Veggies.4.Eat Carbos with Veggies and no fat.5. Keep Proteins/Fat separate form Carbos6. Wait 3 hours between meals if switching from Protein/Fats meal to a Carbo meal or visa versa.7. Do not skip meals.
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