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Digestive enzymes

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I have tried enzymes in the past, but they made the gas & bloating worse, and I don't know why.Does anyone have any advice?
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What kinds of enzymes did you try? I have had huge success with them.You might want to add peppermint oil caps to your regime, I take one between meals on my gassy days (pre-menses) and it helps alot.I took Enzymatic Therapy brand Protazyme and Mega-Zyme 2 at each meal, it helped quite a bit. (Along with diet changes, yoga, and caltrate)Good luck
I tried bromelain (sp?), papaya, pancreatic, and plant enzymes that had all the kinds - protease, amalyze, etc. I don't know why they didn't work. I don't know if it's because of the candida. It's almost like my stomach didn't like something telling it how to work.Is peppermint oil safe? I thought I read on here somewhere that it could be dangerous.Thanks.
Everything is dangerous if you take enough of it and peppermint is no exception.As long as you take peppermint oil in capsules or tablets intended for human use at the recommended doses you'll be just fine.The problems come from people taking big swigs of essential oils of peppemint that may be too concentrated for human consumtion. Like concentrates where you put a drop or two in to flavor a whole cake or concentrates used for aromatherapy.First rule of toxicology: The dose makes the poison. Virtually everything including water is toxic if you take enough of it.K.------------------I have no financial, academic, or any other stake in any commercial product mentioned by me.My story and what worked for me in greatly easing my IBS:
i started taking digestive enzymes last friday. i found an elimation diet that worked but soon found out i can't handle much animal fat, so i tried the digestive enzymes. they seem to have totally elimated the intestinal noise which was my primary symptom. but today i'm expierencing alot of pain/bloating/gas. can anyone tell me what effect these pills have if you don't eat enough food for them to work on? the pills i'm taking aid in the digestion of carbs, fat and protein.cheers!
The issue of "enzymes" is like talking about "drugs". It's a very general term. So if there is an enzymatic component to the persons symptom set, the enzyme supplement needs to be tailored to what the offending food is to see if it is enzymatic or not.So if one takes a particular formulation it can mean several different things if it does not work. It can mean the problem is not an enzyme deficiency, it can mean there is an enzymatic component but you have not taken an enzyme which will correct that deficiency, or it may have a basis in digestive enzyme but the dose is incorrect.What in general works best is to identify what the provoking agent is, understnd the structure of the food, then take the digestive enzyme supplement specific to that food structure, then oral challenge. If the symptoms remain in spite of proper dosing it is not enzymatic. ASSUMING infectious disease has been ruled, which will skew the picture, then the problem with that food is probably one or more of several aberrant immunologic reactions.In which case, voidance will eliminate the symptoms.Unfortunately, the shotgun approach only owrks well for some people who happen to "hit it lucky"...the formulation they take trying to cover all the bases perhaps hits on the area of deficiency and correcting it the symptoms subside.If other new symptoms emerge I would suspect either a problem of dosing with one or more of the supplements as noted by K (some of these enzymes are definitely not a "more is better" treatment...they can be toxic to mucosal components or elicit a reaction as they ar at the very least irritating at a certain threshold of exposure.Anyway, it is like any other modality. The more methodically you approach it, and the xcloser you keep it to "altering one variable at a time" the easier it is to evaluate the outcome of the equation.Eat Well. Think Well. Be Well.MNL_________________
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No product that helps IBS will help everyone. You might want to experiment and try different brand names as many times one will help and others won't. My wife has received good results from digestive enzymes, but many people don't. This is one of the bad things about IBS, one remedy will help one person and that same remedy could cause problems for the next person. What I have found out through my wife's struggle with IBS is that it is all about trial and error. Everyone needs to listen to their own body and decide what helps them personally. If something helps keep it, but continue looking for other options and if something doesn't help quit using it. Most people who find relief find it through multiple remedies not just one. ------------------
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