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digestrin and molo-cure

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why doesnt alot of people try these? i tryed digrestin for a month and noticed a pretty nice difference...i actually wanna get more of it...but i was just on their sit and noticed now it comes with enzymes and also a laxative formula...its a 3 step process now instead of one pill...thought that was kinda weird...i wann try molo cure though but i just cant afford it right now
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Hi Lance,Glad to hear the Digestrin is working well for you. I tried it for several months and wasn't so lucky. At first, it seemed to help, but then after a couple months I was back to the usual IBS symptoms. I also tried Digstive Advantage IBS. Same thing....helped at first, then didn't work anymore. I guess this whole IBS thing is all about "what works for some, doesn't work for others." Good luck!
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