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Digestrin ? Is it the answer for IBS?

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I am sure Digestrin has come up several times before I joined. Let me know your feelings and if you got better results with Digestrin for your IBS? Thank you.
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I too, want to ask anyone about Digestrin. I just heard about it today. It is $67 for a 1 month supply. Anyone out there know about it?
I do not believe there is any data or clinical study which shows any efficacy with this remedy.IBS is a complex disorder and I believe it is unlikely to be resolved by this method.You might use the "Find" tab to look for previous discussions about this supplement.Jeff
Hi Iam john, 38 IBS sufferer with bloat 4years in agony. I just received my first bottle of DIGESTRIN two weeks ago. I dont have any good things to say about it yet. They tell me to keep taking it. So far its done nothing for my D or bloat.
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