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Had surgery for diverticulitis 6 years ago and thought I had my life back....but 4 years later--bang..another attack! I thought maybe just a fluke...but last year another something aching..(?) but quieted down...and now and then some aching..but my thinking was just some spasms or scar tissue..and sometimes I would just take a cipro or donnatol and it would quiet. I must say that I dont' know where this comes from, I am very careful about diet and my BMs are regular and totally normal everyday!!!!BUT yesterday had another flare and got a CT scan that again showed diverticulitis!! Had to cancel a long planned vacation....So now just exploding from the prep and taking the nauseating drugs again-cipro and flagel--the main reason I had the surgery...Anyone dealt with this? had surgery again? they said this time it would be open surgery, laproscopic like I had the first time.Anyone try different protocol? augmentin? how long did you take the cipro/flagel combo? the docs all seem to have different protcols??????--and how long did it take for the pain to ease?Thanks
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