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Hello Lilly's mum,i read your post with a wry smile,i would have nodded my head in understanding but im so dizzy most of the time,i might have fallen over.Although i joke i am actualy serious,i do stumble regularly because of dizziness and some days find im safer in bed,which i find very sad.When i was diagnosed with Fms nearly 3 years ago it was some kind of relief to finally have a name for the disease that was not only affecting my body in a really scary way, but my life.I had to go to the hospital a few of weeks ago because i had a very bad vertigo attack, brought on by not listening to my body and trying to behave like a 'normal' mum.I subsequently had a major flare-up and crash, im in nearly my 4th week of being housebound/bedbound,trying to get on an even keel.What scares me most about the dizziness is i find it so unpredictable,i can find myself veering sideways or backwards without warning, not only dangerous,but it makes me look as if i have been at the bottle. With the amount of meds im on i daren't drink,i'd be too afraid!Anyhoooo i really only replied to say hello and welcome,and to wish you a steady new year,and a gentle hug to you and everyone else here, wendy xx
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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