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You would need to do studies with traditional Innu. The one's I met in the arctic all shopped at the store and watched TV. There was talk of muk-tuk, but I sure never got to see any. There is a study on the Fibro Board that referenced omega 3s ability to patch up damaged brain cells. My wife's Naturapath suggested omega 3 for IBS (both C & D). It certainly has helped normalized my stool structure; and it will lower your triglycerides. As I mentioned in my PM to you, it is one of two elements in the Phytomega that has dropped my cholesterol right off of the table. It contains 1000 mg fish oil as a daily dose. (I read on another board that it was suggested 1000 mg omega 3 from a larger quantity of fish oil was an appropriate dosage.) Don't see where you have anything to lose.Mark
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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