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Do I even have IBS? I'm not even sure anymore.

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the unfortunate thing there is no cure for ibs,my doctor is the same but basically he thinks all girls are having problems in their head,my friend even went to him 3 times for 3 different reasons,he said 'its just in ur head' and all 3 times she ended up in hospital,but he is right on one thing,doctors can cure A,B, and C but ibs is X and they cant cure X,I switched doctors and she told me its just a phrase and i'll grow out of it,or maybe because we suddenly start eating healthy and maybe healthy eating can be a cause too,i'd advice u to go and get all sorts of tests done evn the one where they stick a camra up ur bum,just to make sure,if ibs is confirmed good luck if it hopefully does fade because another cause could just be the hormones
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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