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do i need more diagnosis?

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i have FMS and crohns,does it really matter if i have CFS or IBS?or if i get the possabilty confermed?im not thinking too good right now,i hope ive made myself clear.
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Hi Denny,I can't really answer the question, but I have often wondered the same thing myself. Maybe it isn't important for us, but I think it is for the next generations. The more people who are diagnosed with something, the more money that will be put into researching it, so that the generations that come after us, won't have to suffer the way we have. Thats about the only reason I keep jumping through hoops for my doctors.LoriAnn
jumping thru hoops takes sooo much energy lori,i applaud this bit of altruism.i`ll talk about it on my next doc seems to be reason enouth.
Feisty, your point about research and future generations is interesting. I hadn't thought about it that way before.In addition Denny, I tend to think that the right diagnosis is important because it might effect how your doctor manages your symptoms. Not much may change now if you have an additional diagnosis of IBS or CFS, but perhaps in the future it will when there are better treatment and management options and more is known about the conditions. I think talking to your doctor is a good idea, like you mentioned.
I've often wondered this myself Denny. Good points made by all. I guess it is worth it, even if they payoff isn't long as we don't kill ourselves in the process
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