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Do other IBS'rs get this....

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Somedays (depending on the food i eat) i have a lot of gas and will go to the bathroom anywhere from 1 to a several times a day. Then other days I will eat and not be as conscious as what I am putting into my mouth (ie: maybe some cheese or ham/sausage) and I will not go to the bathroom at all but maybe have gas.It can be quite others have this?
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Recently I have. During the work week, I eat what I should (stuff that shouldn't affect my bowel) and I get the D real bad. At the weekend when I'm more relaxed I eat stuff that I shouldn't and I don't go to the toilet at all.
yeah i find that, i had pizza and was sure the next day i would get realllly bad D but this weekend instead of sitting around waiting for it to happen i went away back home to visit my mum just overnight and i didnt have a problem all weekend i was too busy, but yet im positive if id sat around worrying about it happening it would have, so does this say its a food trigger or just the worry that does it, or both!
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