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Do you eat yogurt to ease your symptoms?

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I've heard a lot of mixed opinions about eating yogurt for IBS. Some people say it makes their condition worse but other people seem to swear by it. Personally, I don't really know. I've always felt as though I am a bit lactose intolerant and yogurt seems to make me bloat badly. But I used to eat it daily a few years ago and had NO symptoms, except for chronic constipation. My main issue with IBS now is the awful stomach cramping/bloating/abdominal pain and I don't know how to ease that without meds.
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I eat yogurt every few days and whether it's in my mind or not, I feel like it helps. If I'm on antibiotics, I eat it daily to avoid GI upset and the dreaded potential yeast infection (the joy of being a girl). The only time I seem to have issues with lactose is if I eat a lot of ice cream, especially if it's a milkshake. But if I just eat a small scoop, I'm usually okay.
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