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Do you notice rings under your eyes when your IBS acts up?

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Everytime my IBS acts up, I always notice that I have rings under my eyes.....its a sure sign to tell if my tummy isn';t right? does anyone get this? It's so awful in pictures......
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I get those on days when I'm feeling really bad too. Thats why they have cover girl right? There is supposed to be something called simpaco, but I'm probably not spelling it right. The Chinese thought you could tell one's state of health by if you could see the white's above or below the iris. Above meant the person was crazy and below meant the were very ill. Just a little fun fact.
Yes. Whether you notice it or not, I believe it is from sleeping less-soundly than you should be. At least I'm fairly certain that is the case with me. Even if I don't notice tossing or turning all night, sometimes when the bowel is at its worst I just wake-up less-rested. Then, when the bowel starts to improve a little again, I get REM-rebound. That's a night full of rapid-eye-movement sleep where you're having lots and lots of dreams....whereas there were virtually none that I could recall from previous nights.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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