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Doc says Lotronex back in the fall!

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Hi all. had an appt with my doc the other day and he told me that he heard from one of his drug reps from glaxo that the Lotronex is due to be back in the fall sometime. I told him about this board and how we haven't heard this at all and in fact only heard that they are still in negotiations as to whether it will be comming back or not. He said that the negotiations are ongoing but more as to in what capacity it will be back. whether for compationate use, or only through a GI specialist, etc. So hopefully it's the way we want!Just thought you would like to know.------------------It can only get better from here I hope!Sandi
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I hope your doc is right. I saw my GI doc this weekend and when I asked him if Lotronex was coming back, he said something like, "I can't imagine that it would". That was very discouraging. I told him about this board and that we had been hearing very positive news and he seemed very interested in that. He did say also that the drug reps for Zelnorm are still talking like it will sometime get approval.I sincerely hope Lotronex makes a comeback. I'm coming off a terrible flare with the IBS and I hate taking immodium everyday, but the calcium and my diet just aren't cutting it.I'm going to try to stay positive though. I think there is reason for it.
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