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doctor or emergency room

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I've had a few times I felt like I needed to go to the ER but I have a few questions. I live in a rural area & it's not a quick trip to ER. How do you manage when you can't stop pooping long enough to get off toilet & go? How do you keep from messing up your clothes on the way to ER. These are probably silly questions but very important to me. Thanks for info.
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Hi Ibby so sorry you're having problems. and oh no---this is not a silly question at all. the only answer i can think of is to wear a diaper and maybe some water proof underwear along with it. or can you take some immodium to slow things down a bit. hope you get more answers to your question. take care.
yes, i hope you never have to use them either. good luck
maybe you could just go to urgent care instead of the ER. the wait times shouldn't be as long in urgent care.
you're more than welcome. yes, you're right.
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