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doctor or emergency room

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I've had a few times I felt like I needed to go to the ER but I have a few questions. I live in a rural area & it's not a quick trip to ER. How do you manage when you can't stop pooping long enough to get off toilet & go? How do you keep from messing up your clothes on the way to ER. These are probably silly questions but very important to me. Thanks for info.
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Hey there, new to the forum here! Sorry to hear about your situation. It can definitely be tough when you live in a rural area and the ER isn't exactly a quick trip. Your questions are not silly at all! When it comes to managing when you can't stop pooping long enough to get off the toilet and go to the ER, I suggest keeping a bucket or something similar nearby. That way, you can take care of business while still staying relatively clean. I also recommend visiting a physiotherapy clinic. They specialize in helping people with mobility and strength issues, so they may be able to offer some solutions for getting to the ER more easily. Plus, they can help with any ongoing issues you may be having.
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